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Cheap moving company in Nagoya

Nagoya Cheap moving company

Nagoya moving center



Rakuchin plan
all works done by mover

Omakase plan
unpacking items done by client and all others done by mover

Singles plan
for singles or small items to move

Saving plan
packaging and unpacking done by client & others done by mover

big furniture moving plan
only big furniture moving by mover




Specialized in Singles moving in the Nagoya areaT

Mini moving plan 9,800 Yen~
small items to move

Singles plan 14,800 Yen~
Mainly for singles

Couple plan 24,800 Yen~
couple for 2 persons

Family plan 39,800 Yen~
mainly for family

Standard course
packing and unpacking done by client
carrying items done by moving company

For singles and family

Room       type volume of items       moving fee
1 K           2 ton                                25,000 Yen
2DK         2.5 ton                             37,500 Yen
3DK         3 ton                                50,000 Yen

Excellent course
All works done by moving company

Hikkoshi ichiban



There are mainly 4 plans for moving at Hikkoshi Ichiban

Economy plan
Client Packing & unpacking,
Mover Big items like big furniture, transportation

Raku 1 plan
Client unpacking,
Mover packing, transportation

Raku 2 plan
all works done by mover

Free plan
mover decide the moving day

Akabou Happy Service



Akabou happy service specialize in Singles or students for moving with relatively small items and short distance.

The basic moving fee 13,750 Yen~
within 2 hours with 20 km

over every 30 minutes 1,650 Yen

Join Hikkoshi center



Type A - small items to move 12,000 Yen~

Type B - average moving 24,000 Yen~

Type C - family moving 30,000 Yen~
(need actual evaluation)

Rabbit year moving center



No additional charge for weekends, night and emergency moving welcome and well experienced staff on duty

Small items moving plan 15,000 Yen ( tax included )
For singles or student

Small items plus additional 10 more boxes
20,000 Yen ( tax included )

Hajime moving center



Hajime moving center specialized in singles moving in Nagoya moving to any cities in Japan, including a long distance moving.

Singles plan 14,000 Yen plus tax
Mainly for singles

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