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foreigner support for finding a moving company

We take care of your moving

Do you have a plan to move in another location or another area in Tokyo, Osaka or any other cities in Japan ?

Moving to another place or another city is not so easy whether it’s in your country or in Japan. You have to prepare or pre-work so many things before actually moving.

Besides you have to find a good mover with reasonable cost, good service and quality works. The thing is it’s not so easy to find a good moving company even for Japanese.

So what we do for moving to another location in Japan for foreigner ? We do exactly as same as most Japanese do for finding the best moving deals.

Here are most Japanese do to find the best moving company.

1. register moving quote sites

In Japan there are many moving quote sites and people usually register a couple of them to get a general idea of their moving cost.

By registering moving quote sites, you will receive 8~10 quotations from moving company with each moving quote side.

2. find a good moving company locally

Each moving has different situations. Some are to move in the nearby same district with a small items or other move to a long distance with many items by big family.

So each moving is different. So what most Japanese do is to find a moving company that matches with their conditions. Some moving company is good for Singles with small items in the same district and other are good for many moving items in a long distance.

So Japanese will try to find a good local moving company according to your conditions and ask for a couple of local moving companies for their quote.

3. compare the price and services for moving quote sites and local moving companies

By comparing the price and services on each quotation, you can see which moving company will be suitable for your conditions.

4. negotiate more details with moving companies

The quotation that you receive is a kind of general quotation and often you and moving company negotiate very details on your moving.

And the moving company will submit the final quotation on your moving. By agreeing the final quotation your moving is finally confirmed.

We do all those works for you.

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