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most liable moving services for foreigners

Why our services are most convenient and dependable for moving for foreigner in Japan ?

What is the obstacle for foreigners in Japan to find a good deal for moving ?

1. Japanese language

2. Japanese moving system that are not familiar with

Japanese language used in moving are some kinds of terminology that are not commonly in use. That is why it ‘s not easy for foreigner to understand and to use those terminology to talk and negotiate.

There are many rules and systems that are used in the moving industry. Even most Japanese are not familiar with those rules or systems. Thus it is very difficult for foreigner to understand rules and systems.

We take care of those issues and provide comfortable services with stress free for foreigners.

What we do for foreign customer?

1. register 2 moving quote sites and get quotations on your moving.

2. register 2 local moving sites with good reputation and ask them for quotation.

3. you compare 4 quotations from quote sites and local moving companies.

4. For any moving, there will be some different situations on each moving.

For example, some clients have many items to move and many disposals to take care of for moving out.

Or some may need removal air conditioner on the current house and also need setup air conditioner on the new house.

We listen all your situations and tell them to movers. These are optional services that you have to pay additional fees.

We also advise on those moving companies.

Some moving companies visit your house/apartment to discuss in details on your moving. We help translation service. ( Optional service )

5. You decide the moving company and we will place the formal order to the moving company.

6. The final moving confirmation will come from the moving company and I will inform to you.

7. On the moving day, the moving company will come to your house/apartment to take care of moving. You leave the current house/apartment.

8. You arrive in a new house/apartment.

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