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How to cut your moving cost in Japan

How to cut your moving cost

In Japan there are several factors that you should know before deciding your moving plan.

1. Avoid the busy season ( March and April )

In Japan everything starts in April, school starts in April, college graduate start to work in April. So people move in March and April to start to work or go to school.

As a result, March and April are busiest seasons for moving and the cost for moving will surely go up. So if you want to cut moving cost, avoid this busy season.

Off seasons for moving on the other hand is January, August and November. So if you like to cut your moving cost, choose January, August or November.

2. Avoid weekends and holiday

Many people like to move on weekends or holiday. As a result, the moving cost will go up on weekends comparing to weekday.

3. Avoid the end of month and beginning of month

As usually the contract for apartment expires at the end of each month, many people move at the end of month or beginning of month. If possible, avoid these days.

4. Do not appoint the moving time

In general morning is busier than afternoon for moving. So avoid morning on your moving plan and do not appoint your moving time for your moving schedule.

5. Avoid using optional services on moving

Try to work by yourself on packing and unpacking the items, disposal of your garbage, installation of air conditioner and other works on moving. These optional services will go up your moving costs.

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